I just received some excellent news from Dane Scott, of TuneTracker Systems (and LeBuzz, and BeOSRADIO, and probably many other things that I’m forgetting): the TuneTracker radio automation software works under Haiku. This means that TuneTracker will be able to run on an underlying OS that fully supports modern hardware, and Haiku already has a porential commercial application – not something that can be said for many Alpha hobbyist OSes.

Read on for the news release from Dane, it also contains some good news for SoundPlay fans.

TuneTracker Running Under Haiku

TuneTracker Systems has successfully run the TuneTracker radio automation program under Haiku. According to developer Dane Scott, it took only modest work to get the “Command Center” automating component functioning under Haiku using an older version of SoundPlay, the player that forms the “audio engine” portion of TuneTracker. Most of Command Center’s functionality is already perfect, and when the newest version of SoundPlay is made compatible with Haiku, Command Center will be able to run 100% on the Haiku platform.

Other components in the TuneTracker System, such as the TunePrepper music ripper and prepper, Lightning request finder and playlist builder, and TT Anywhere remote administration server, all launch and run as well, and appear to only require minor work before they will do everything correctly.

“Our plan is to have the entire TuneTracker software suite running great on this platform before Haiku R1 is released,” says Scott, “and the fact that Haiku’s developers have done such a good job with BeOS binary compatibility is really speeding up that process.”

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Greg Goodfellow on 2010-02-06 at 23:55 (Reply)
I am the station manager for WRSG, 91.5 FM, and we have been running Tune Tracker for over three years. We are generally pleased with the system, but am wondering why the bugs in Tune Prepper have not been addressed. You MAY get Tune Prepper to rip a CD correctly, but most of the time it will not. I can guarantee that a second CD will not get ripped. This is something that MUST be addressed, as I am currently looking at other systems.


Greg Goodfellow
Dane Scott on 2010-03-10 at 13:39 (Reply)
I suspect Greg is running an old ZETA version of the OS on his computer. There was a problem in ZETA we were never able to overcome, which caused the IDE controller to go awry after more than one access to the CD drive, and it was that issue that caused TunePrepper to fail to rip more than one CD at a time successfully. It isn't a problem under BeOS. We haven't tested it yet under Haiku, but you can be assured it'll be functioning perfectly before we move to that platform. Greg, by the way, is a long-time TuneTracker user and a great guy!

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