Back on October 10th, we received an EMail from Dane Scott announcing that BeOSRADIO has now entering its tenth year on the air. It seems like only yesterday that it first went on the air – and as users, developers, applications, etc have come and gone, BeOSRADIO has remained one of the most consistent fixtures of the BeOS community. Happy birthday to BeOSRADIO and a big “thank you” to Dane!

Read on for Dane’s announcement.

BeOSRADIO Entering its Tenth Year

BeOSRADIO, the radio station originally launched to demonstrate the Be Operating System’s strength as a place to do radio broadcasting, is about to enter into its tenth year on the air.

BeOSRADIO hit the Internet airwaves November 9th of 2000 using “BRS” (BeOS Radio Scripter) and the SoundPlay audio player, which evolved into the TuneTracker radio automation system. Currently BeOSRADIO uses a fourth-generation TuneTracker product called Command Center.

Broadcasting an “Extreme Variety” of easy-listening music, and spanning such diverse genres as Jazz, Acoustic, Ambient, Folk, Ethnic, and Classical, BeOSRADIO continues 24/7 operation. News from FSN is featured at the top and bottom of each hour, there’s extended tech programming from Dave Graveline on Saturdays and Sundays, and the “Faith Online” show with David Selness is heard Sunday mornings.

Another feature for which BeOSRADIO is recognized is its special Christmas programming all during December, including Christmas music in the same Extreme Variety format, plus a number of produced special programs right near Christmas.

BeOSRADIO operates commercial-free, and does incur expense. If you tune-in and enjoy the programming, you can help the cause by clicking the Donate button on the BeOSRADIO web site.

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