It’s now just over a month since Haiku’s first Alpha was released – and so far, the reception online has been overwhelmingly positive. On the official Haiku website, “nielx” posted “Alpha 1: A Week Later” (also noted on ICO) with some very encouraging stats. The number of times that the Alpha release has been downloaded is especially impressive – more than 32,000 at that point (closing in on 53,000 at the time of this writing).

More recently, OSNews has posted two separate reviews of the Alpha release. First up was Kevin Miller with his article “Seven Days in Haiku,” which focused mainly on hardware compatibility (running Haiku on a netbook) and includes an account of his experience testing out the experimental wifi support. Next was Alfonso Martinez with his “My 7 Days Using Haiku Alpha Release 1” review, which focuses on software compatibility.

And on a personal note, I’m in the process of finishing a (probably) 3-part review of the Alpha release. I’ve focused primarily on topics that should be of interest to long-time BeOS users, hopefully avoiding duplication of Kevin and Alfonso’s efforts. Stay tuned!

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