We haven’t had many updates lately, but I had to get this one posted – a release date has been announced for the first Haiku Alpha release: Monday, September 14th. It appears that OSNews was the first to spot the announcement, followed shortly by IsComputerOn.

Here are the details of the release schedule for the Alpha 1 release:

* Sunday August 23rd, 12:00 GMT. The trunk will be branched so that the release team can work on optimizing the final image.
* Wednesday September 9th, 12:00 GMT. Alpha 1 will be tagged. Then a build will be made and tested.

The testing of the build is expected to take a few days (pending any unforeseen problems). The website team will also require a few days to upgrade the website in order to support the release of the first alpha. The expected release date is around Monday the 14th.

The schedule appears to be fairly tentative, so the release could (presumably) be delayed if new critical bugs are found. But at present, everything appears to be on track for a Sept. 14th release.

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