Last Friday, an update was posted with details of the progress that Ryan Leavengood and Maxime Simon have made in their efforts to develop a native, webkit-based browser for Haiku. Several other sites have already picked up the news, including IsComputerOn and OSNews.

The amount of progress that they’ve made in a relatively short time is very encouraging – the basic GUI and browser functionality is ready (in a preliminary stage, at least), recent webkit releases have been successfully compiled in Haiku, and work is underway to integrate the rendering engine with the GUI. The progress report also contains two screenshots of the current GUI (screenshot 1, screenshot 2).

The general direction that they’ve chosen is also encouraging – based on the update, it appears that Ryan and Maxime’s goal is to combine the best concepts from NetPositive (bookmark management, etc) and Google Chrome (process isolation, tab management, etc).

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