Haiku @ SCaLE 7x
0033 - January 9th, 2009

As reported on the Northern California Haiku Users Group blog, Jorge G. Mare (a.k.a. Koki) has secured a booth at the seventh annual SCaLE Expo. Becoming a bit of a tradition, Haiku has been showcasing at SCaLE in the previous two years with a lot of positive attention from the visitors.

Jorge already has most of the equipment to create a nice Haiku booth, including a projector + big screen to showoff Haiku but is still looking for people to man the booth. Following the idea of some collegue attendents there is also the idea to create some sort of ‘table cover’, check the Haiku mailinglists if you can help out.

Although the Southern California Linux Expo, as the name hints, is a Linux targeted conference it’s crowded with OS fanatics, people seeking for Windows alternatives and other geeks. The perfect stage to showcase Haiku. It would be even better if some sort of Alpha 0.1 could be printed as live cd’s to hand out.

SCaLE 7x is held in Los Angeles, California in the weekend of February the 21st. You will find Haiku at booth no. 4. For more information point and click here.

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