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0033 - January 8th, 2009

For the latest and best news you surely visit beosnews.com, but sometimes you might want to keep up with the developments around BeOS/Haiku in your native tongue. Thankfully I’ve come across a notice on the Haiku general mailinglist announcing the rebirth of the Spanish Haiku community. Without further due you can surf to huikues.blogpost.com for up-to-date Haiku news en español.

Also very up-to-date and with lot’s of news items is Haiku Colombia.
Around for some time but still alive and kicking are Italian Haiku User Group, BeOS France and Deutsche BeOS, ZETA und Haiku Community. Less active but still around is the tri-langual Belgian Be User Group.

Than there is the Russian front, with a lot of debate recently, in the spotlight are two Russian Haiku related websites, haiku-os.info, a Haiku fan site with screencaps, videos, howto’s and such. And haikuos.info, which offers a Russion translation of the latest BeOS and Haiku news. Attacked by some conspiracy, both sites (maintained by Pavel Kiryukhin) are well designed and a good resource for the former and rather large Russian Be community.

It’s amazing to see that there’s people actively seeking and posting news and reviews for a small audience and actually beating the well known and (relatively) busy places like ICO, BeGroovy and This Place in number of updates and scoops!

*Update Following to the rumour haiku-os.info caused on the Haiku mailinglists the maintainer decided to stop offering downloadable live-cd’s from his site until Haiku reaches Alpha 1. Quoted from the website:

К сожалению, мне придётся убрать старый образ, поскольку этот сайт вызвал кучу непонимания и идиотских домыслов в сообществе. Live CD будет доступен после выхода Haiku OS alpha

I’ve spent some time in Russia this summer so I guess you’ll have to trust me on the translation..;)

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