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Recently we received an EMail from Pier Luigi Fiorini, one of the admins of OSDrawer, letting us know that the site’s new version is now online. From the announcement:

The new site is up and running at We also changed software, we choosen Redmine over GForge. You can reach the hosted projects page at Due to this software change, the ‘Submit project’ page is missing and some links (for example software map and trove list). We’re working on the ‘Submit project’ page, in the meanwhile follow the procedure at

In other OSDrawer-related news, Pier recently sent an EMail to the Haiku Dev. mailing list announcing that development of the im_kit has restarted and the source is now hosted in the OSDrawer SVN respository (also mentioned on Slaad’s blog). And according to the project info page, a new release is due in 3 days (Nov. 1st).

Looks like it’s time to update our “Download & Build im_kit” how-to.

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Thanks to “scottmc” over on BeGroovy for spotting this page on the Haiku website: R1/Alpha1Proposals. Various proposals were recently submitted and voted on, in an effort to determine the requirements that Haiku will need to meet (and bugs that will need to be fixed) before it will be considered ready for an Alpha release.

Some of the more interesting proposals that have been accepted:

– Release as the GCC 2/4 hybrid – meaning that “applications compiled with GCC 2 and 4 can run out of the box”
– Include Pe (as a long time Pe fan, who is using it to write this, that proposal gets a big thumbs-up from me)
– Finish and Include Swap File Support – sounds like that one is mostly taken care of already
– Include a special Haiku-only unlocked version of Wonderbrush – an excellent vector drawing app, which BeOSNews reviewed way back in ’06 (one of these days, I might even fix the broken images, whoops)

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that R1 – or even Alpha 1 – is right around the corner, it is still extremely encouraging that the Haiku developers feel they are close enough to create a roadmap.

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The big story in recent BeOS-related news was the addition of swap file support to Haiku (spotted on ICO, also picked up by OSNews).

This is especially good news for developers, as development-related tasks often gobble up large amounts of memory (compiling for one) – and without a swap file/partition, most (all?) OSes will hard-crash if they completely run out of memory. So while Haiku has been self-hosting for a while now, this should make the process of actually compiling Haiku from inside Haiku less dependent on physical memory (especially handy with virtual machines, which tend to be memory-constrained).

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Small update. TiltOS informed us that its package manager (which is working on Haiku) has added support for new packages:

antiword, bc, desktop-file-utils, fastjar, flac, gperf, joe, lame, libmng, pwgen, shared-mime-info, ode, uriparser, wget, vim, vorbis-tools, xreces_c

Also the following packages where updated or fixed: automake, bzip2, curl, file.

Nice day to you all !

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A (serious) but funny piece of software as been posted by VyR Software on BeBits: ZSA (as in Zeta for Scientific Application). This application was started as a small university project and the first version of the software came out in 2006.

But, you will ask, what is this application all about ? It seems the app’ “allows you to evaluate the results of a scanned body by MR and Voxel handling”. My comprehension is that it can handle and preview information as found in all kind of huge amount of 3D data models (like in a 3D scanner of some brain… :-)

Or your feets !

Today ZSA has become a R5 compatible application ready to be used as well in Haiku. The new version includes also some minor fixes and feature.

More information on the software as well as on the philosophy behind VyR Software can be found at their place:

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Thanks to all the community to make this happen !

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Hi all,

The Virtual Australian Haiku Conference is now finished. You can watch and listen to the whole presentation stuff (video and links) at the web site.

The schedule was:

9:00AM – 9:10AM – Registration via IRC Channel

9:10AM – 9:45AM – Introduction / Session 1 – Haiku Coding

9:45AM – 9:50AM – Session Break

9:50AM – 10:10AM – Session 2 – Suited ‘n Booted

10:10AM – 11:00AM – Conference Chat via Gizmo5

Very nice initiative Sikosis, I think you get a sucessfull result ! And oh, yeah, greetings also to 0033 for the special mention of Niue :-)

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