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News soup - August 14th, 2008

Haiku Down Under 2008. Sikosis posted a blog entry about an Australian Haiku Users and Developers Virtual Conference. This will be an online event taking place on the 17th of Augustus. The date has been chosen because 18th is the Haiku’s Anniversary day ! Read the blog entry to get more information, a website is being set up on the occasion.

San Francisco LinuxWorld 08 conference day 3 report is now online.

Also Urias McCullough was video-interviewed at the conference by Have a look at the interview over here. Urias == true Haiku evangelist :-)  Nice performance !

Very nice article of Micheal Lotz explaining “How To Get Haiku Booted“. Wether by building from the soruce code or by using a pre-compiled image he explains how you can set up Haiku on a partition (HD or USB key) or in a virtual machine. A must read !

Wanna know more about the BeOS Joystick Framework ? Here is an article for you.

DarkWyrm’s Filer application beta 2 is out. In his quest for R2, he also published a second application called the Run Program. More info on Filer beta 2 here, details about the Run Program over here.

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  • This time Thank You Award Winner is… Stephan Assmuss ! Greetings to him and to others contributors too :-)
  • Wanna try or help with the Haiku’s m68k port effort ? This post is for you. You’ll learn what emulator to choose, how to build and test it.

Haiku at Linuxworld 08

  • If you want to follow what’s happening at the Hailu booth present on the Sna Francisco LinuxWorld 08 conference there are daily posts to be found on the Haiku-os blogs page.  Day 0, Day 1, Day 2 ar already posted.

Nice day to you all !

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Monday Darkwyrm posted an item on its blog about achievements he made on his R2 research work.

This time he presented his Filer application.

Reading the post: “You can find more detail on the Filer by following the link (original Desktop RFC on the Haiku website), but to quickly summarize, it’s a program to let you automatically organize your files according to a set of rules that you create“.

It seems to me a very powefull yet easy to use and configure application. Indeed he explains in a more recent post he was for instance able to automatically organize an MP3 library using only the Filer app and Axel’s id3attr.

For those who want to try the power of the Filer you’ll be happy to know it was released yesterday on BeBits and Haikuware.

Darkwyrm ask for your feedback but also for your neat rules other could use too. You can mail him, or tell him about the application in his post’s comments.

Kudos to you Darkwyrm !

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Pudding news - July 31st, 2008

Hmm, strange title isn’t it ;-)

  • According to IsComputerOn the next to come BeGeistert should take place in Dusseldorf / Germany from October 10th till the 12th, more information here.
  • Looking for a cool Haiku wallpaper ? Check this out.
  • Donating Squads ? In a mail sent to the Haiku mailing list Humdinger explain his idea. He would like to see people engaging together to donate recurringly a small amount of money to Haiku. Want to participate to the funding effort ? Have a look in Haiku’s forums here.
  • BeGroovy tells us that the good ol’ Icon Tarot returns from malfunction.
  • Again on, the 6th Thank You Award has started: Stephan Aßmus, Niels Reedijk, and Ryan Leavengood are on the list for this edition. Read more and vote here.
  • Oliver Tappe benchmarked our network stack just to see where we are compared to other mainstream OSes. Depending on test scenarios Haiku ranges between same speed to 20 times slower than the others. Oliver concludes by saying “haiku’s network stack currently shows far-from-perfect, but certainly acceptable performance“. All results, discussions and explainations can be found in this thread.
  • Also a new blog entry on Emitrax updates us about bonie++, a file system benchmark suite for Haiku.  Waiting for patching for XSI semaphore implemantation, we should be able soon to stress test our filesystem in order to enhance reliability and stability of that system part.
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Karl vom Dorff sent a mail to the Haiku mailing list to tell us he successfully ran Haiku rev 26666 on is Asus EeePC 701:

Lan and Wireless are not working neither do the sound recording. But Sound playing is fine using OSS for Haiku tough. More details on (with a nice little video to prove the fact :-).

Nice news ! Nice progress for the Haiku developpers also !

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I just received a mail from Tako “0033” Lansbergen about the release of Niue brand new 4th version:

Hi all,

I’ve just uploaded version 4 of Niue! After some weeks of hardly any progress I restarted work on this version two weeks ago and just finished most of the release goals today. There are still a couple new things left out, which are now planned for the next version, to be expected somewhere in October.

Niue *should work on both R5, zeta and Haiku, development is done on zeta for the time being so there are some known problems with Haiku, like no mouse-wheel scrolling. When Haiku R1 alpha goes live I will switch to Haiku for development and focus will be fully on Haiku.

Along with many small improvements the biggest change is the code-completion module, which I’m pretty confided with. I’d like to hear your opinions, as always!


Tako Lansbergen (0033)

For those who don’t remember anymore, Niue is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and version four look like this:

BeBits page is here, information page is here.

Want some screenshots ? (I do like screenshots :-) Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5

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TiltOSSome hours ago an announcement has been made on the mailing list.  Grzegorz DÄ…browski tells us he released “TiltOS for Haiku” a package repository for Haiku of course :-). It contains over 100 binary packages available for install via network.

How easy it looks to be ? The author tells us that if you need for example subversion you just have to run: box -i subversion and voilà.

Nice tool, nice web site, nice initiative ! Kudos !

Also, visiting you can read in the about page that:

TiltOS is an operating system based on the Haiku OS. It has not been released yet!

TiltOS provides a packages repository which is also available for HaikuOS. It is called “TiltOS for Haiku”

So maybe we will soon welcome a new Haiku distribution !

In the mean time the repository already contains all the 100 tools listed in this post.

Wanna try the beast ? Follow the instructions provided here.

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