News soup - August 14th, 2008

Haiku Down Under 2008. Sikosis posted a blog entry about an Australian Haiku Users and Developers Virtual Conference. This will be an online event taking place on the 17th of Augustus. The date has been chosen because 18th is the Haiku’s Anniversary day ! Read the blog entry to get more information, a website is being set up on the occasion.

San Francisco LinuxWorld 08 conference day 3 report is now online.

Also Urias McCullough was video-interviewed at the conference by Have a look at the interview over here. Urias == true Haiku evangelist :-)  Nice performance !

Very nice article of Micheal Lotz explaining “How To Get Haiku Booted“. Wether by building from the soruce code or by using a pre-compiled image he explains how you can set up Haiku on a partition (HD or USB key) or in a virtual machine. A must read !

Wanna know more about the BeOS Joystick Framework ? Here is an article for you.

DarkWyrm’s Filer application beta 2 is out. In his quest for R2, he also published a second application called the Run Program. More info on Filer beta 2 here, details about the Run Program over here.

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Urias McCullough on 2008-08-14 at 18:29 (Reply)
I am most definitely an evangelist :)

Thanks for the mention!

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