Recently we received an EMail from Pier Luigi Fiorini, one of the admins of OSDrawer, letting us know that the site’s new version is now online. From the announcement:

The new site is up and running at We also changed software, we choosen Redmine over GForge. You can reach the hosted projects page at Due to this software change, the ‘Submit project’ page is missing and some links (for example software map and trove list). We’re working on the ‘Submit project’ page, in the meanwhile follow the procedure at

In other OSDrawer-related news, Pier recently sent an EMail to the Haiku Dev. mailing list announcing that development of the im_kit has restarted and the source is now hosted in the OSDrawer SVN respository (also mentioned on Slaad’s blog). And according to the project info page, a new release is due in 3 days (Nov. 1st).

Looks like it’s time to update our “Download & Build im_kit” how-to.

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Pier Luigi Fiorini on 2008-10-29 at 19:40 (Reply)
I think the release date will be delayed.
See the release page

Anyway I am going to put the download & build document to the wiki and I'll update it ASAP
Pier Luigi Fiorini on 2008-10-29 at 19:44 (Reply)
Forgot the URL:

It needs work, I just copied the text because otherwise I will forget about it...
Stephen B. on 2008-11-01 at 18:01 (Reply)
Thanks. As soon as I get the update done here, I'll send you the text.

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