Spotted on, Kevin Musick of Teldar Corporation has donated the source code of their “BeServed” network filesystem/filesharing server (and client) to the Haiku project.

To quote from the post (or, more accurately, to quote their quoting of Kevin Musick):

I am pleased to donate BeServed in its entirety to the Haiku project. After Be, Inc.’s demise, BeServed was no longer commercially viable and the pressures of my career and a young family forced me to pursue other opportunities. However, I am encouraged to see Haiku’s progress and the ongoing commitment of the community. While I no longer have the bandwidth to participate in the project, I hope that BeServed will be useful in some small way. Congratulations on your progress and best wishes for continued success!

This is great news, and it’s the second announcement of a formerly-commercial BeOS app going open source’d in the past few months (counting the release of the Jabber for BeOS code back in March).

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[...] in the month, I posted about the announcement that Kevin Musick had donated the “BeServed” sourcecode to the Haiku [...]

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