I’m way behind the curve on this story (even more so than usual), but it’s notable enough to still be interesting: a former Be Inc. employee by the name of Michael Alderete wrote a blog post last fall detailing his experiences attempting to give away 13 used BeBoxes. Or should that be BeBoxen?

Not only did Alderete have absolutely no trouble finding takers, but a single person ended up with all thirteen machines – so much for the notion that “thirteen” is unlucky. So if you own a BeBox and need parts, you now know who to pester. Or if you’re like me and haven’t been lucky enough to obtain one, you now know whom to envy.

(Thanks to Oscar Lesta for sending in the link. Update: and further thanks to Oscar for pointing out some details I had missed.)

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Oscar Lesta on 2008-05-02 at 09:25 (Reply)
Blogger's name is: Michael Alderete, a former Be, Inc. employee, according to the original news item on The BeBox Zone:


BTW, add one to the envious ones :)
Stephen B. on 2008-05-04 at 00:34 (Reply)
Merci. I've updated the post.

Ah, BeBox. Here's hoping someone creates a "HaikuBox" before the decade is out.

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