Hey, every now and then you just feel like posting ;) As reported on Le Buzz back in February and picked up by DeBug today TuneTracker has acquired the rights and sources of SampleStudio.


SampleStudio is a commercial – and high quality – two way audio editor for the BeOS family and was previously developed by Xentronics, also known from the imaging application Refraction. TuneTracker systems plans to add recording ability and update the interface and performance. SampleStudio will then be re-released for sale. For further development TuneTracker/Dane Scott is looking for a BeOS developer with experience in the audio field, for contact info view the original post at Le Buzz.

I truly admire Dane Scott from his ongoing trust in the Be community, remember that TuneTracker systems is one the last-longing and most active companies that produce software for our beloved platform!

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