Long Time No Post
Stephen B. - August 28th, 2007

I must once again apologize for the recent lack of updates, as I’ve done far too often. And unfortunately, I’m far too busy to write a proper update – so this is merely an update on the reasons for the lack of updates (meta-update?). At the risk of descending completely into self-indulgent blogdom, this summer has involved a ridiculous amount of work, a miniature flood in my apartment (thanks to a water leak in the toilet tank), and a resulting hasty move to a new apartment. On the plus side, I may soon get to deploy BeOS for a work-related project – hopefully I’ll be able to post some more details on that soon.

Within a few days I’ll hopefully get the site caught up on some of the most significant recent news, at least – and there has been no shortage of BeOS-related news this summer. Thankfully it’s been well-covered by sites like IsComputerOn, HaikuNews, and BeGroovy (and OSNews from time-to-time). There’s also our own News Aggregate page that lists the most recent headlines from the various BeOS-related websites.

If anyone reading this is planning to setup blogging software at some point, avoid MovableType at all costs! Working with it the past few weeks (by necessity, not by choice) has given me a new and profound level of appreciation for WordPress

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