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Haiku Pre-Alpha Release
Stephen B. - October 29th, 2008

Back on October 22nd, some sharp-eyed Haiku downloaders spotted an interesting new file in the Haiku files archive, tantalizingly-named “haiku-pre-alpha-r28283.raw.bz2.”

Updates to that build have appeared on an almost-daily basis since pre-alpha-r28283 was uploaded – while the newer builds omit the “pre-” before “alpha,” they do still appear to be pre-alpha builds as well. It also looks like the pre-alpha builds contain a number of bundled applications, based on the recently-accepted proposals for Alpha 1.

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Last week I posted about an annoying problem (or series of problems) that I’ve been having with my BeOS machine. After a large amount of trial and error, I’ve made some potentially-encouraging progress – read on for an update. As with the first post, this is primarily intended for anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.

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There has been yet another chapter in the comedy of errors that has been going on for about a year now, featuring my BeOS machine as the main character. For the last few weeks, the hard drive in that machine had been occasionally making an odd noise – nothing especially troubling, but I’ve dealt with enough dead & dying hard drives to be paranoid.

Read on for the gory details.

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Long Time No Post
Stephen B. - August 28th, 2007

I must once again apologize for the recent lack of updates, as I’ve done far too often. And unfortunately, I’m far too busy to write a proper update – so this is merely an update on the reasons for the lack of updates (meta-update?). At the risk of descending completely into self-indulgent blogdom, this summer has involved a ridiculous amount of work, a miniature flood in my apartment (thanks to a water leak in the toilet tank), and a resulting hasty move to a new apartment. On the plus side, I may soon get to deploy BeOS for a work-related project – hopefully I’ll be able to post some more details on that soon.

Within a few days I’ll hopefully get the site caught up on some of the most significant recent news, at least – and there has been no shortage of BeOS-related news this summer. Thankfully it’s been well-covered by sites like IsComputerOn, HaikuNews, and BeGroovy (and OSNews from time-to-time). There’s also our own News Aggregate page that lists the most recent headlines from the various BeOS-related websites.

If anyone reading this is planning to setup blogging software at some point, avoid MovableType at all costs! Working with it the past few weeks (by necessity, not by choice) has given me a new and profound level of appreciation for WordPress

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Haiku, where are we at
0033 - March 31st, 2007

With Haiku getting closer and closer to an R1 release I think it is time for little review on the achievements of the development team in the last months. Haiku is being covered on various websites and blogs lately especially after attending SCaLE and the already famous tech talk at Google. But although it might seem that Haiku is only weeks away from the so important first release there is still a lot of work that has to be done, networking being the biggest. But more on that later.

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