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Stephen B. - February 20th, 2008

It’s been a little while since any significant changes were made to the site, but I finally got around to making a few little tweaks and upgrades that had been planned for a while now. Much of the work needed was cleanup-type stuff: a few dead sites have been removed from the links and the RSS Aggregate page (looks like is gone now, not sure how I managed to miss that).

Some changes were also made to the commenting system – read on for the details.

Update on the Updates: a few people have mentioned CSS / display quirks related to the comment system updates. Some changes were made to the site’s CSS stylesheet in the course of doing the comment updates – my best guess is that some browsers may have cached outdated copies of the stylesheet file. If you’re seeing problems with the layout breaking or with inconsistent text formatting on the comments page, please try forcibly-reloading (on most browsers, Shift-clicking the reload button will do that) and/or clearing out your cache. If you still see the problem after doing that, please post a message in the comments to this article with the browser software & version that you’re using.

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Last week I posted about an annoying problem (or series of problems) that I’ve been having with my BeOS machine. After a large amount of trial and error, I’ve made some potentially-encouraging progress – read on for an update. As with the first post, this is primarily intended for anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.

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I saw on that there is now a BeOS port available of the REminiscence game engine. The guy who ported the code has a dedicated page here.

BE REminiscence

This program is a rewrite of the engine used in the game Flashback from Delphine Software so to play the game you still need the original DOS version data files and, optionally, the Amiga music modules. Hopefully the game is abandonware and  the author of the port made those files available here. Also you need SDL to run this which can be found on Zeta-games (for R5) or in LibPak on BeBits.

There is also a BeBits page for REminiscence.

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[UPDATE] I just received a mail from Leszek to tell me the available ISO is the one for Zebuntu-mini not for the “full” Zebuntu. The ISO for the later will be released soon.

Hey folks, remember my news catchup item some days ago ? Right, the Zeta-Ubuntu mix distro beta 1 is finished and available, in its mini form, for download.

The ISO file is 108 Megs and is hosted at Megaupload here.

If you wanna try the beast under VMware, I’ve made a .vmx file ready for use (I hope :-) Just drop it next to the downloaded ISO file and double-click the VMX. It should boot (if VMware Player is installed of course). I had issues booting that image under VMware. At boot time I had to type in the boot sequence “puppy acpi=off” then later choose “Xvesa“.

Have a look at the Zubuntu development blog for more information.

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Ars Technica editor Ryan Paul has written a short “first look” article about the Haiku OS. The article, which also features some quotes from Bruno Albuquerque, is a positive piece – especially regarding the progress & potential of Haiku:

Haiku also improves on BeOS in several ways. Haiku’s network performance is better, for instance, because the networking functionality is integrated directly into the kernel rather than running in userspace as it did in BeOS. Haiku also offers a source-level FreeBSD network driver compatibility layer, which means that it can support any network hardware that will work on FreeBSD. Haiku also includes support for modern hardware, better filesystem performance, and support for vector icons. Haiku has also improved POSIX compatibility in order to simplify the process of porting applications to the platform.

Not only is the article a good introduction to those who aren’t already familiar with Haiku, it’s also great to see Haiku coverage on a major tech news site – especially one as well respected (deservedly so) as Ars Technica (they also used to give BeOS a fair amount of coverage back in the day).

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As seen on OSnews today, it seems Michael “mmlr” Lotz succeeded in compiling Haiku within Haiku. This is really great achievement as it proves Haiku is each day closer to the stability point required for an alpha release.

All the files were checked out of SVN from Haiku using the native network stack. The files were then compiled resulting in an Haiku image which worked fine under Qemu. Altough there were still some problems and one small hack involved, the result is there: first time ever Haiku is self hosting :-) 2008 is a promising year !

More details available in Michael’s post.

Have a nice day !

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Oliver’s update tells us that he is now able to compile the three entities which are to compose the haiku bluetooth stack.

You can see above (or here) the thing running under Haiku. All is ready now to begin serious tesing :-) Nice work !
The entire story here.

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