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Stephen B. - February 20th, 2008

It’s been a little while since any significant changes were made to the site, but I finally got around to making a few little tweaks and upgrades that had been planned for a while now. Much of the work needed was cleanup-type stuff: a few dead sites have been removed from the links and the RSS Aggregate page (looks like is gone now, not sure how I managed to miss that).

Some changes were also made to the commenting system – read on for the details.

Update on the Updates: a few people have mentioned CSS / display quirks related to the comment system updates. Some changes were made to the site’s CSS stylesheet in the course of doing the comment updates – my best guess is that some browsers may have cached outdated copies of the stylesheet file. If you’re seeing problems with the layout breaking or with inconsistent text formatting on the comments page, please try forcibly-reloading (on most browsers, Shift-clicking the reload button will do that) and/or clearing out your cache. If you still see the problem after doing that, please post a message in the comments to this article with the browser software & version that you’re using.

Also, I managed to find a plugin that fixes the one small deficiency of WordPress relative to the old blogging/CMS software I had been using (BBlog): replies to comments and comment threading. If you’ve read any individual articles or browsed their comments today, then you were “priveleged” to be able to watch as the comments display suddenly became hideously ugly, and then was slowly cleaned up.

The result is that you can now post a reply to a specific comment, either by clicking the “reply” link next to the commenter’s name or by choosing a comment from the dropdown menu above the comment textbox. When it’s posted, the reply will appear indented below the “parent” post, which should make it easier to follow longer discussions. And last, there’s also a small aesthetic tweak: an outline and background colour was added to each comment post, to make it a bit easier to visually distinguish between individual posts.

Now I just have to find a plugin for quoting comments, and I’ll have taken care of all my pet-peeves with web-based discussion software.

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