GUI Evolution - February 24th, 2009

As read here on the Haiku Gazette work has been done on renewing a bit the GUI appearence.

After some evolving discussions in the forums (here and there) Denis Washington started work on the rendering code to make our UI look better as proposed inĀ forum’sĀ mockups.

He now have a diff patch (which is still work in progress) but once applied it changes Haiku look to something like this:

More information about the patch and how it evolves in this forum thread.

Wanna see a before / after comparison ? Head over here.

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BiPolar on 2009-02-24 at 09:16 (Reply)
It generally looks better (softer edges help a lot), specially the tabs, those are much nicer.

The only thing I do not like is the pervasive use of gradients.

I rather have them only in the title bar, and keep the rest flat as usual.

It would be nice to be able to disable (wink!) the use of gradients in GUI controls (menues/buttons/etc) and leave it on for the window's decor.
aphex on 2009-02-24 at 17:26 (Reply)
I second that being able to disable the use of gradients would be nice. I also would like the option to choose from using svg icons or bitmap icons.
aphex on 2009-02-24 at 17:22 (Reply)
i think it generally looks better too, but it's using gradients a little too much.

I would actually prefer no gradient on the title bar, but only the buttons and tabs, except for the radio buttons who looked a bit "skinned" to me. The drop-down menu looks a bit too heavy in my eyes, i would prefer it simpler.

As for the title bar, if it would use a a gradient i would prefer it to fade to a slightly darker orange (instead of white) too keep it closer to what BeOS looks like (and less like zeta).

Well, everyone has their own cup of tea of preference
wolfe on 2009-02-25 at 19:21 (Reply)
I like it . . . keep up the good work . . . :-)

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