From the “posts that I wrote weeks ago but forgot to publish” department comes a story that has been reported just about everywhere else: is now under new management, as of the New Year. To quote from the announcement made by Sean and Greg back in December:

If you’ve been paying attention, though, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we haven’t had a lot of time to devote to BeBits lately. As many of you have mentioned, it shows: we’ve had technical problems, email that has gone unanswered, dead links that take too long to get fixed, and other, similar issues. […]

So with that in mind, […] we’re very pleased (and a little sad) to announce that as of today, we are turning BeBits over to a new owner and operator. We won’t say at this point who the new owner is yet; he will make that announcement himself when the time is right. But we will say that he’s a dedicated and active member of the community, and that he’s got some great plans for the site. After almost 10 years, it’s hard for us to walk away, but we’re thrilled that BeBits will be in such capable hands.

The identity of the new BeBits admin has not yet been publicly-announced, although they are already hard at work, having moved BeBits to a new web host back in January. OSNews and IsComputerOn also featured the story (and thanks to Oscar Lesta for reminding me that it hadn’t been posted here yet).

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0033 on 2009-02-05 at 18:02 (Reply)
I mailed the new owner(s) some time ago to get them to announce themselves, didn't get a reaction back yet though. When I do I'll post about it obviously...

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