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0033 - February 3rd, 2009

Besides yesterdays good news show there’s more going on lately.
Guiseppe from The Italian Haiku User Group has done a very nice write-up about the latest Haiku build, rev 29065. Although in Italian, this is a extensive review covering the better and worse parts of Haiku and the latest (pre-)alpha release. The accompanying screenshots show a lot of applications running on Haiku. I’m not sure about the Haiku-Love density in Italy but HUG-It is one the most active and up-to-date user group websites around, keep up the good work!

Also (always) active is Karl form Haikuware, one of the most popular Haiku news/community websites at this moment. Overshadowed by the news from the official Haiku website about the GCC4 builds, this months ‘Thank You Award’ goes to the University of Auckland (New Zealand) for their work on the experimental Stack & Tile and User Editable Interfaces patches, which were covered by Stephen earlier. also features an (ini)-mini-interview with previous Thank You Award winner, Artur Wyszynski. Artur won his award for his work on the Haiku interface, these mockups show you why. To me the plain looks of Haiku are good but a little outdated, Artur’s design’s stay close to the ‘original’ Be interface but then much more modern with nice gradients but clean and not at all overdone.

Last but not least, Fredrik Modeen has been crunching numbers to make it possible to put a running version of Haiku on any USB device, using WinXP. Check out how this is done here. As always you can read and write about these news items in our talkback section.

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0033 on 2009-02-03 at 16:24 (Reply)
This post's title courtesy goes to, for covering Be/Haiku stories since it's inception ;)
Stephen B. on 2009-02-03 at 19:26 (Reply)
Wow, those screenshots are very nice. Reminds me a bit of the Dano UI changes, combined with some of the elements from ZETA's various themes (but much more subtle & more faithful to Be's original designs).

My only real quibble is that it seems as if the window borders & title tabs should have slightly rounded borders, to match the rounded edges of the buttons and other controls.

But I'm tempted to ask Artur if I can steal that button style for the form buttons here :)
Artur Wyszynski on 2009-02-03 at 23:15 (Reply)
Hehe thanks :)
As for window borders & title tabs, i was working on that too, but i didn't have time to finish it, as you can see there is much more controls which wasn't updated too :/
And about that question, feel free to use it :D

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