• Stephen B. on 24.02.2009 at 02:02

    Welcome to the new BeOSNews pseudo-forum! I’ll try to keep this short, I promise.

    You might be asking “what’s on-topic here?” As with the rest of the site, anything goes as long as it’s related to BeOS or Haiku. Myself and the other BeOSNews editors will probably also use it from time to time for topics that don’t really fit on the front page (if you read OSNews, think of it as a cross between their “Page 2” and “Conversations” sections).

    At the moment, user-posted topics are mixed in with comments on frontpage posts – although I may add a separate listing later on if it makes sense. The same goes for features like sub-forums and comment rating.

    And last, I just ask that everyone use common courtesy and common sense when posting and replying to topics. Although I suspect I don’t need to mention that, given that there haven’t been more than two or three comments here that would qualify as flames.

    That’s all for now – enjoy!

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