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0033 - January 22nd, 2009

Ever wanted to get your hands on a piece of true Be history? Check out this ebay add! Cameron Mac Millan, once a employe at Be inc., is selling a very rare BeBox prototype that was saved from the scrapheap. This BeBox machine was build before Be switched to PPC and runs on two AT&T Hobbit processors.

The computer is said to run fine although you will have to connect it to your own monitor, mouse and keyboard as they are not included. It does have a modem and video card on-board. Extra cool is the San Jose Sharks hockey team logo (see below) filling in the space for the final BeOS logo…


At the moment of posting this bidding starts at $511,-. There’s five days left to place a bid for this fourteen year old 58th BeBox build by Be inc.

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0033 on 2009-01-22 at 19:26 (Reply)
Totally unashamed I'm commenting on my own post...
The BeBox Zone, still out there (!) picked this up two days ago, all koodoo's to you!

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