A few months back, I posted a request for several apps that I had lost due to a hard drive failure. One of those apps was Dockbert and I owe Oscar Lesta many thanks for sending along a zip file with several Dockbert binaries, along with an archive of the source code.

The only downside was that I could not get Dockbert to run, except with older releases of OpenTracker – which meant missing out on some of the newer OT features. After some trial and error, I did eventually manage to compile Dockbert against the most recent R5 release of OpenTracker (5.3.0 – it appears that OT became part of / integrated with the Haiku project after that point).

In case there are any other Dockbert fans in the same situation, I’ve made the binary available for download – and added a link to the BeBits entry.

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