A little while ago, I posted a desperate plea request for three older apps that I had lost (after my hard drive crash last fall) – Dockbert, FWorkspaces, and UniversalScroller (version 1.8). The response exceeded my hopes and, within a week, helpful members of the BeOS community had sent me all 3 apps.

Along with the request, I had also promised to mirror the downloads on BeOSNews in the hopes of saving others from the frustration of wading through dead links on BeBits. I finally got around to fulfilling that promise and I’ve added I’ve added “additional location” links to the appropriate BeBits pages:

Dockbert ………… direct download link
FWorkspaces ………… direct download link
UniversalScroller ………… direct download link

Thanks again to everyone who responded to the original post!

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Meanwhile on 2008-07-24 at 09:37 (Reply)
Just wanted to add that -about a year ago- UniversalScroller got opensourced and has already functioned in Haiku (...some bug later on ended that, unfortunately).
Anyhow, the author (Christian Aistleitner) has sent me the sources, to be used under MIT licence.
I'm waiting for Haiku's first alpha and hope that will ease his continued development, but what may remain a problem is that he hasn't got the right hardware -at least he didn't a year ago.
According to Christian the source is quite messy, so I figured that if it would end up on OSdrawer (for example) it should be with him involved.
By then you can try to get your favourite option from v1.8 back into a Haiku version.
Meanwhile on 2008-07-24 at 09:42 (Reply)
Correction: it wasn't MIT licence but X11 licence....
Meanwhile on 2008-07-24 at 09:44 (Reply)
...which I just found out is the same :D

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