Oliver Ruiz Dorantes posted an interesting piece of information on his blog today.

Back in the time Oliver worked on a the creation of a VoIP application for yT’s Zeta as his final studies project. The application was named Whisper and was based on the BeNet source code.

Today, Oliver seems to have obtained from Bernd Korz the rights to publish his thesis documentation. He hopes it will ease the re-creation of such an application from BeNet source code.

Whisper was using a proprietary point-to-point protocol but what if it could be extended to other standards as well…

Screenshots here and there. More information at the Maps and legends of the urnenfeld.

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Stephen B. on 2008-07-25 at 00:42 (Reply)
"VoIP? On our platform?

It's more likely than you think."

Sorry, I couldn't resist :)
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