News catchup - May 28th, 2008
  • Haiku Code Drive 2008: $7070.54 has been raised to date ! This is truly great support from our community.  There still is a need for $500 in order to reach the “3 students” mark. Those would could afford a donation and who didn’t make it yet please, this is the moment: donate now !    Also the poll is running to choose between students projects. To vote you need to create an acccount on the Haiku-os website.

  • François Revol Laurent “LoLL” JEAN-RIGAUD, is the proud father of a new little son: Mathias. Compliments (and sorry for my big inexcusable confusion :-) !

  • Rudolf Cornelissen posted a kind of “keepalive” message on his blog telling us what he is / he will work on. The BeOS/Haiku developer Matt Madia decided to thank Rudolf for his contribution by sending him two PCI-E display adapters: a Geforce 7300LE (G72) and a Geforce 8500GS (G86).

  • Haikuware’s June 1st Thank You Awards: Nominees are Michael “mmlr” Lotz – for having developped USB OHCI support and the mixed GCC2/4 environment, Gerald Zajac – for the S3 Trio, Virge and Savage graphic driver, François “mmu_man” Revol – for the USB Webcam Add-On and the PPC Port, Stefano “Jack Burton” Ceccherini – for his work on the Interface Kit and Terminal, and, last but not least :-), Tako “0033” Lansbergen – for the Haiku native IDE Niue. Please go cast your vote here.

  • Haikuware discusses also new ideas for future bounties here. A documentation as well as  hardware 3d acceleration bounties are considered;

  • Haiku-os developer Stephan Aßmus posted an article entitled “Steady Progress towards Alpha 1“. A very interresting read.

  • Sikosis et Dennis d’Entremont finished the mixing of the 14th edition of the popular Haiku Podcast.

  • Remeber my post “Bifuzz and 4 GB memory barrier” ? Blibbering Humdinger posted his point of view on the subject in an article to be found here telling us that if using 64 bits there would be no such barrier.  He is advocating the idea of Haiku going 64 bits ASAP. Ingo Weinhold’s advice is going in the opposite direction as you can read in the Haiku Gazette (in german, goolge traslation here).

A nice day to you all, take care !

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