Jorge G. Mare published a post today to tell us about the Haiku Inc. transition status (you know the re-organization work started after the deparature of Micheal Phipps).

“It has been several months since we announced the departure of project founder Michael Phipps from Haiku and the transition period that ensued for Haiku Inc. This is an attempt to give the community a most probably long awaited update on where we stand today, what has been done so far and what remains to be done to bring the Haiku Inc. transition to a successful conclusion.”

Read the complete information here.

Then, he posted on his own blog an item as a desesperate attempt to get in touch with ACCESS (the company which owns the IP of ex Be Inc.). Indeed back in november of 2006 Haiku took contact with the company in order to try to get from them the right to “open” the BeBook and the Be newsletters for the community. At that time the Director of Open Source Technologies at ACCESS was ready to release the docs under “no commercial use, no derivative works, must attribute” Creative Commons license. But from taht time no news… It seems Jorge succeeded with the communication attempt as an update of the blog post brings us the good news: finally there is an happy end to this story.

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