BeOS for sale
0033 - December 13th, 2007

Beosradio has been selling installation cd’s for BeOS personal edition for some time, but recently they have created an Ebay offer for their ‘distro’ called BuzzCD. BuzzCD bundles BeOS R5 PE with a whole load of freeware. The apps included are mostly audio-related but there’s also things like ArtPaint, Landscape, Pe and a couple of games. The full software listing can be found here.

BuzzCD includes installers for both Windows and Linux and installs to a 500 MB file, just like the original PE from BE inc. did.

There’s already discussions going on at the Haiku mailing lists whether or not this is legal. Strictly taken it probably is not. The fact that BuzzCD does not allow you to install to a separate partition (without hacking) makes it nothing more that plain PE with a bunch of freely available apps printed to a cd for your convenience. I can’t see why Access, the current owner of Be inc.’s assets, would have any problem with this.

Of course everything included on the cd is available for free download on the net but if you have a medieval connection, or hate downloading and installing lots of separate application this might be your thing. BuzzCD sells for seven and a half dollars ex. shipping.

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