This past Saturday, Firefox was made available for download on BeBits. In addition to bringing the BeOS release up-to-date with the latest official release, the new build also includes a number of BeOS-specific changes. From the release details:

  • Faster library loading thanks to building with -bsymbolic (bug 389953)
  • Faster icon loading in download manager (bug 327296)
  • Pseudo-bold font emulation for typefaces lacking boldface (172785)
  • Working shutdown from Deskbar or when shutting down system (bug 164498)
  • New resource file eliminates MIME-types for mail and news since Firefox does not handle these (bug 397204). This one did not actually make it into but was added as a patch. It will be in a later branch release.

It’s especially nice to see that the shutdown bug – a long-standing issue – is now resolved.

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