Following the launch of back in March, BeOS / Haiku developers now have another excellent new resource: HaikuWare. As reported on by BeGroovy, IsComputerOn, and HaikuNews, HaikuWare is a software repository with an approach that is something of a hybrid between BeBits and the BeWare site formerly maintained formerly maintained by Be Inc..

One of the main goals appears to be providing a solution to the “dead links” that have plagued BeBits in recent years; from HaikuWare’s “About” page:

The aim is to centralize the software all on one server, so that disasters at other websites don’t happen where people link their files and then later delete them, or, they upload the files to free servers that disappear. Hopefully this will resolve that problem.

Non-developers can contribute too: in the site’s news section, the admins have put out a request to anyone willing to donate artwork (icons, logo, etc).

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