According to this post on the Haiku website ACCESS has given Haiku the permission to release both the BeBook and the archived Be newsletters (which include lot’s of sample code) to the public.

ACCESS is the company that took over all the source code and intellectual property of Be inc. from PalmSource. After a request by the side of Haiku, David Schlesinger from ACCESS responded that his company is very pleased to be able to support the Haiku project by making these documents more widely available to interested developers.

Both the BeBook and the newsletters are at this moment available for anyone on various sites, but it’s a good thing that Haiku will be officially able to use and spread this documentation. Especially the newsletters have lot’s of good articles written by Be dev’s on software development, together with sample code. With the recent contact between Haiku and ACCESS, who knows there might be more parts of the Be heritage that ACCESS will make available in the future…

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