It’s a cliche, but the Haiku Project has proven the old adage of “third time’s the charm”; after being rejected for the previous two years, Haiku has been accepted for the upcoming Google Summer of Code 2007 (coverage available at OSNews, IsComputerOn, HaikuNews, and BeGroovy). A list of projects was posted a week or two back and now that Haiku has been accepted, instructions have been posted for any students who are interested in taking part.

For those not familiar, the programme – known colloquially as the “GSoC” – is an annual Google-sponsored event that helps bring together open source projects and computer science/programming students looking for real-world experience. The results of past GSoCs have reportedly positive overall for those involved, with many students continuing to contribute to their chosen projects past the summer’s end.

Congrats to the Haiku Team on being accepted this year!

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