Once again, I’ve fallen behind with updating BeOSNews. To help bring the site back up-to-date, here’s a quick summary of recent events in the BeOS world.

The Haiku Project continues to move at an impressive pace and has shown no signs of slowing down in 2007. Several key members of the Haiku project recently participated in a GoogleTechTalk, giving an overview and demonstration of the HaikuOS. A video of the presentation is available online via Google video, naturally, and it contains a nice treat for long-time BeOS fans: a great introduction provided by JLG himself. Also related to Google, information has been posted regarding the Haiku Project’s drive to be included in the Google Summer of Code 2007 along with a list of potential projects.

There has also been quite a bit of news lately related to ZETA – as spotted by ICO, version 1.5 is now available after being delayed by a few months for some final polishing work. The 1.5 update contains the usual collection of fixes and tweaks and one very significant addition: the new ZETA multi-user system. The new version is currently listed in the Magnussoft online shop, but it appears that only an upgrade to 1.5 is available. IsComputerOn also reported on the release of a new demo for ZETA: Robin Hood (as in the game featuring the archer from Sherwood Forest, not the webserver).

In application news, a new version of Firefox was posted to BeBits at the end of last month, built from the latest stable sources. Bryan Varner has been doing some recent work on the Transmission BitTorrent client, as reported by HaikuNews and IsComputerOn. For the PodCast addicts out there, FunkyIdeaSoft recently posted a Light version of BePodder, their “media aggregation” app; the Light version is free of charge and disables a few features that are available in the paid version. And progress continues to be made in the development of the im_kit; Michael “slaad” Davidson has written a recent blog post detailing some fixes and updates to the GoogleTalk and Yahoo! protocols, while Bernd Korz recently posted about some of the ways in which the im_kit has been integrated into ZETA.

Several sites which had been dormant are now being regularly-updated again; the Weekly Haiku recently began updating once more, along with unveiling a visual redesign. Over at HaikuNews, the database problems have been resolved and the site came back online with an interesting post from Chris Simmons, who announced that he is willing to pay for Haiku-related submissions to HaikuNews. And Tako Lansberger – of Studio-33 fame – has been updating his site at a break-neck pace recently, making Studio-33 one of the most frequently-updated sites in the BeOS / ZETA / Haiku community lately.

And lastly, we would like to welcome a new website to the BeOS community – OsDrawer.net, a very slick / professional-looking site that’s powered by GForge (an open source fork of the software that runs SourceForge ). The site offers BeOS developers the same sort of helpful functionality that SourceForge provides to the general open source development community: code repositories, tools for managing the project, and various communication tools (mailing lists, forums, etc). Thanks to Andrea Bernardi for EMailing us about the new site – and sorry it took me so long to post about it. The people behind OsDrawer have obviously put a lot of work into the project and it looks like an excellent new resource for developers in the BeOS world.

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