Weekly Haiku
Stephen B. - February 11th, 2006

Another interesting piece of information from Studio-33, 0033 has posted about a great source of Haiku information that I hadn’t been aware of: Weekly Haiku. In a nutshell, it’s a blog where regular summaries of the most significant recent Haiku developments are posted – an excellent way for us non-programmers to get an overview of Haiku’s development. One significant recent update mentions that a problem with Haiku-R5 compatibility has been fixed – apparently executables compiled in recent Haiku builds would not run in R5. Work has also been done on the PS2 mouse/keyboard drivers, as well as on the PS2 subsystem itself. And lastly, but probably of the most immediate interest to end-users, A.G.M. Smith has submitted new documentation covering multiple mail-related topics.

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