BeOS developer “Cyan” has posted a new application on BeBits; the program is Dualhead-O-Matic, a handy ultility that gives users of dual monitor setups more control over desktop wallpaper display. It does some clever behind-the-scenes work to correctly scale and correct the aspect ratio of images – Dualhead-O-Matic appears to perform the appropriate operation on the image you choose, save a new file with the changes (resizing, etc), and then set the new image as your wallpaper. And as a free bonus, the program is also designed not cause explosions – a welcome feature indeed!

Thanks to Mr. X for the heads-up, and pointing out that the Dualhead-O-Matic readme is hillarious. If there’s ever a second edition of the BeDoper Master’s Awards, that readme is a shoe-in.

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