With all the new previously-unknown projects popping up, and signs of life from seemingly long-discontinued projects, BeOS news feels a bit like cryptozoology these days. Most recently, HaikuNews has dug up some info on an updated port of the AbiWord OSS word processor which is being worked on by Sokolov “knorr” Anton. Currently the only download available is a bzip2 archive of the source code, but the Polish site haiku-os.pl has a trio of screenshots showing AbiWord 2.2.8 running under R5: onetwothree. While YellowTAB’s OpenOffice port is certainly important, it’s nice to see progress made on something a bit leaner.

The site containing the download link – becool.h15.ru – also has an interesting screenshot of a Flash player called “blazer” running under R5. It appears to be different from the Gnash-based Flash player recently reported on by ICO.

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