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Quick News Updates - January 27th, 2009
I wish you all a very nice day ! 
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As 0033 and Manette have been doing a great job keeping the site’s content up-to-date, I’ve been doing a bit of playing around with behind-the-scenes stuff. First, a little background: one thing I’ve always disliked about blogging applications is that their handling of comments tends to fragment reader discussion more than (E.g.) a forum or a newsgroup. And even when there’s a lively discussion attached to a post, it usually dies out when that post gets pushed off the frontpage by newer items – rather than when people lose interest in the discussion.

Enter my rather hacked-together solution: an “All Comments” page that displays a forum-like index of recent comments, grouped by post. There are still a few missing pieces – mainly timezone options (everything is in Atlantic Time right now, aka GMT-4) and the ability for readers to create a new thread (a la a real forum). But it’s close enough to make live at this point and add it to the navigation links on the lefthand side.

If anyone is interested in the technical details, read on.

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BeOS Vintage Hardware
0033 - January 22nd, 2009

Ever wanted to get your hands on a piece of true Be history? Check out this ebay add! Cameron Mac Millan, once a employe at Be inc., is selling a very rare BeBox prototype that was saved from the scrapheap. This BeBox machine was build before Be switched to PPC and runs on two AT&T Hobbit processors.

The computer is said to run fine although you will have to connect it to your own monitor, mouse and keyboard as they are not included. It does have a modem and video card on-board. Extra cool is the San Jose Sharks hockey team logo (see below) filling in the space for the final BeOS logo…


At the moment of posting this bidding starts at $511,-. There’s five days left to place a bid for this fourteen year old 58th BeBox build by Be inc.

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Haiku double
0033 - January 20th, 2009

FosdemLike last year, François Revol will represent Haiku at the Fosdem conference held in Brussels on February 7 & 8. Fosdem is a non-commercial event with as main goal to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet. François, accompanied by BeOSFrance’s webmaster Rémi Grumeau, Ithamar Idemar and others will man a stand to promote Haiku. Together with Syllable, ReactOS and various Linux stands, Haiku is in good company and I’m sure that this will attract just the right audience.

– –

After some poking around the always active Karl von Dorf (Haikuware) has found someone willing to start hacking at the remaining bugs that are blocking Haiku from releasing Alpha 1. Karl created a Haiku dev. project on and to his surprise found a developer who offered to contribute on Haiku development. Obviously, there have been numerous people who exitedly volunteerd to contribute from whom we we’ve never heard again so we’ll have to wait and see, I’de say, let’s inaugurate this guy! Read more here.

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Thirty days with Haiku
0033 - January 15th, 2009

The UK based Linux magazine ‘Linux Format’ (not so) recently featured a nice article on Haiku, now available as .pdf. In the article the author tries to find out if Haiku is or can be a viable alternative as operating system and if it can compete with Linux in the future. Additionaly there is some background information on BeOS and why and how the openBeOS project started. The article concludes with a short step-by-step tutorial on to get Haiku running in a virtual machine on Linux.

Overall the article, written by Graham Morrison, is mildly positive. The well known troubles are covered, on of the first things Graham runs into is that the pre-alpha releases don’t didn’t include a webbrowser. He also notes the total lack of productivity software. Most impressive is Haiku’s speed and responsiveness.

Some quotes:

…Why, when Linux is such a powerful and fully featured operating system, would someone choose to run an arguably inferior, less popular alternative? The answer is because we can.

…Sure enough, a single click reveals an Xfce-like cluster of menus, one of which is labelled ‘Applications’. This would hide the web browser – if one were installed. Instead, it lists a dozen or so technical demos, none of which add any functionality to the desktop.

…Unfortunately, there’s very little productivity software available, which is Haiku’s biggest problem at the moment.

…A recent port of AbiWord and Firefox is all you’d need for most small office environments, and you’d be able to install Haiku on virtually any spare machine in the office. It would also feel quicker than most other operating systems, Linux included, and the limitations in the desktop environment wouldn’t be important.

All in all the article is fair and good looking with a couple of nice screenshots. Some of the problems the author ran into might be caused by the fact that he was testing Haiku in a virtual machine instead of on real hardware. The conclusion of the article ends with the words: This is the computer desktop we should always have had!

Get the four page (.pdf) article form here, thanks to for the link.

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Bounty-poll results
0033 - January 15th, 2009

The bounty-poll mentioned below closed today with 175 votes. The final results can be viewed here.

Byfar the most popular potential bounty is the wireless network stack implementation, winning the poll with almost 34%. This is a huge task though and the bounty needs some more funds. Currently there is around $ 750,- available, and in case the failed macbook bounty is stopped those funds will be transferred to the new bounty, that is if no one wants a refund.

Regarding a wireless bounty, Ithamar and Fredrik Holmqvist were looking into wireless, and Urias McCollough reported on Haiku’s website that Ithamar “would like to work on porting FreeBSD’s wireless stack where Fredrik Holmqvist left off”.

The Haiku alpha bugs came in second, as mentioned by Karl this might not be valid option for a bounty. The bugs are being worked on but cannot be resolved by a single person, especially not by someone who’s not in the Haiku core development team.

The Flash support bounty ended third, this bounty is already open with a funds pool of around $ 425,- as with the wireless network bounty, this bounty needs some donations. If in these times of crisis you happen to have some pocketchange, this is the moment to donate!

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Bluetooth News - January 14th, 2009

BlueToothOliver Ruiz Dorantes posted interresting news about next evolutions of the Haiku’s bluetooth stack.


First things first, for those who are still in hollidays, let me recall you that he finished phase 1 of his project and earned the Haikuware bounty associated.  Congratulation to him for his long and difficult work !

Now there is a new blog entry at his place entitleled “Preference & Next Steps“. In there you can read that he is focusing on three items to prepare his journey for the second phase.

Three main things, fix bugs, clean, and implement features and tools which will make starting the Phase2 with a more comfortable Bluetooth base

He also started to work on the preference application for bluetooth. There is a screenshot, some explainaitons and also a request for comments on it. 

More information here.

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