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For the past two years, I’ve been using a cheap KVM switch to share a single set of devices (keyboard, mouse, and monitor) between my BeOS machine and my Windows PC. Due to the extra cost, I didn’t bother getting a KVM switch with audio support – and it seemed unnecessary at the time, as the majority of my audio playback needs were served by the BeOS machine.

Over time, however, I began looking for a way to share my speakers between both machines. The answer: a rather convoluted setup that would make Rube Goldberg proud. Since many of our fellow BeOS users are probably in similar situations, I’ve written a description of the setup for anyone who might find the information useful or interesting. Read on for the details.

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Back in January, “3dEyes**” posted a program on BeBits called eSpeak, which is a port of an open-source speech synthesizer. As anyone who as used SimpleText on a Mac knows, text-to-speech is fun to play with for a little while, but there’s not much practical use for it aside from specific niches like screen-reader applications for the blind (or old Radiohead songs). Today, though, I found a handy use for the “speak” program – for audio notifications when tasks have completed in the Terminal.

Read on for the details.

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