Remember my news item about Zebuntu-mini recently ? As seen on OSnews today Zebuntu (full) beta 3 is now out. You can give it a try by downloading the iso from here: There is also a video tutorial presenting step by step how to install Zebuntu. It’s 20 megs and it’s here (.mkv).

Also the web site is now up, but for the moment only for german speaking humans.

Another interesting piece of information about this project has been found in the forum:

Some guy asked:

How you will get the compatibility with BeOS programs?

To that question an admin answered

We want to achieve compatibility to BeOS with BlueEyedOS

You can see beta 3 screenshots here.

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Tuishimi on 2008-02-27 at 14:26 (Reply)
Why oh why on Earth would anyone trust anything Bernd had anything to do with, at this point? Hasn't he and the zebuntu team already split? What great undertaking will he tackle next?
[...] remember I told you about Zebuntu one month ago ? From that time, a sadly thing happened: Bernd and the Zebuntu Team decided to go different ways. [...]

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