A short but good one today:

Some days ago, the OpenJDK working group has voted to accept the port on the Haiku platform.

    The project was started almost a month ago by Bryan Varner and Andrew Bachmann developpers previously implied in the Java port under the BeUnited initiative.

Great news for our BEloved OS :-)

 source: http://www.haiku-os.pl/

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Watch youTube in BeOS
Stephen B. - January 20th, 2008

A little while ago, IsComputerOn posted about a very clever solution to allow BeOS users to watch youTube videos via Firefox and VLC. After following the a short set of instructions, you can simply browse to a video in youTube and it will then open up in VLC. It appears that this neat trick consists of a plugin that acts as a “fake” flash player and simply loads the FLV (Flash Video) file in VLC.

In some ways, this setup is preferrable to watching youTube OSes that do have up-to-date Flash players – for one, you can use the comprehensive VLC keyboard shortcuts, a feature that the normal youTube video player lacks.

The software and instructions are thanks to Andrea “xeD” Anzani, who is also one of the developers working to port Webkit to BeOS / Haiku.

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“Goooood Morning Haiku” ;-)

I was checking my mails this morning to discover a great news for the community.

Indeed, Olivier Coursière posted about his success in compiling FreePascal IN Haiku ! He could do this after the (load of :-) patches and fixes brought by Axel to the BFS subsystem. Also commits related to Terminal probably helped too.
"Thanks to revision 23656 (thank you Axeld !), i am now able to compile the full freepascal source tree under Haiku !
Freepascal is not as complex as gcc. Nevertherless, i think it is a good step to the R1/alpha milestone as it is more than 100 MB of sources."

It seems we are getting closer to the Alpha Release Goal. Anyway recall that the Haiku Mind Set is “When it’s done”… and I think it is for the better.

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Bluetooth and m68k
Manette.be - January 16th, 2008

Fast post today:

  • Oliver Ruiz Dorantes updated his blog to update us on the bluetooth stack. He posted a screenshot of the debug tool he wrote and explains we will still need to wait a month before he provide something to test with.
  • Francois Revol reached an important milestone of his Motorola 68k Haiku port. Indeed, he is now able to get to the Haiku boot menu as you can see here (in a emulator window). Another screenshot can be found here.

A nice day to you all !

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BeGeistert 018
Manette.be - January 14th, 2008

BG018 is just over. This edition brought us more than 220 CVS committed changes (including the results of the Code-a-thon week).

On haiku-os.it and ICO there are some details about what progress have been made:

  • USB 1.1 keyboards and mouses will now work when connected to an usb 2.0 hub;
  • Hidden multi user support as it was implemented in BeOS;
  • Good achievements on the cpu 68k port;
  • On the kernel front work was done on the Virtual Memory, the File System and to the debugging possibilities (debug tracing);
  • Although I don’t know how far it gets there were also commits about theme-ability of Haiku (look here or here for instance);
  • Some work also on the SATA/PATA components;

This year there was a presentation of Syllabe and, lucky us, they also made plenty pictures of the event :-).There is a news post about it on the main page of the www.syllabe.org but for those who wanna get directly to the hot stuff, just click here: tm.kaldience.com/BG018/index.html.

Also Giuseppe from haiku-os.it got some pictures from Düsseldorf where the event took place. They can be found here: picasaweb.google.it/giuseppe.gargaro/Dusseldorf.

I think we’ll get some more news in the next days to come.


Have a look at stippi’s blog entry on haiku-os.  Oh yeah, this post is reported at OSnews !

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Remi of BeosFrance posted an interresting news. Indeed, he tells us that Cedric Vincent (aka CKJ)  author of DontWorry, MeTOS, SG1, … is currently trying to collect funds for opening a new bounty at Haikuware. He would like to see CIFS and Samba ported to Haiku as well as to R5/bone and Zeta.  He still needs about 50 $ to be able to create the bounty. Afterwards  the port effort will be open to additional donations trough the Haikuware portal.

You want this to happen ? Contact Cedric by mail at ckj at beosfrance dot com !

‘Nice day to you all :-)

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Webkit renders HTML!
0033 - December 19th, 2007

Great news from Ryan on Haiku-os.org today, the work on his webkit port is progressing and he and Andrea have something to show!

Haikulauncher showing bebits.com

The page above is loaded from disk and there are still a lot of things to work on, like scrolling, as you can read in Ryan’s post but this is an amazing achievement. Especially since Ryan started working on the port only six months ago.

Rumour goes that the webkit port together with the browser front-end will be renamed ‘WebPositive’, if someone can give a better translation of this post at Haiku-it than Babelfish please comment ;)

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