I just received an email from Tako Lansbergen, also known as 0033, to tell me that the 3rd version of Niue is out.

But what is Niue you’ll ask ? It is an Interactive Development Environment (IDE) for BeOS and Haiku (have a look here). It makes easy to develop applications and manage development projects on your system. Niue comes with a syntax styled code editor, but also, and that is a new feature of this third version, a brand new visual interface designer !

The author ask for your help testing and enhancing the software:

“Just to let you know, I’ve uploaded the #3 version of Niue, including the new Visual Designer.

I’m very /very/ curious for feedback on Niue. Does it all work, are there things missing or things that you’d do different, what features would you like see in future releases?”

So, please, take a moment, download the file from BeBits, try the beast and report experience back to Tako either in the comments of this post or, best, in BeBits talkbacks.

There is a detailed presentation of the software at this page.

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0033 on 2008-04-18 at 15:30 (Reply)
Hey Manette,

That's a real cool introduction to Niue above ;)

Thanks a lot for the coverage here on beosnews.com where I used to post regularly, I'm in deep shame that haven't written anything here lately but I've been to busy with 'Niue'.
As said, I'm very eager for feedback on Niue, so tell me, either by mail, bebits.com talkback or here...

To all, thanks a lot for your interest in Niue ;)
Meanwhile on 2008-04-19 at 13:19 (Reply)
Hi Tako,

Since you seem like a perfectionist to me, and are eager for feedback, I
hope you don't mind feedback on the Niue.html page's spelling:

"Applications are build using the freely..." should be
"Applications are built using the freely..."

"Choosing a snippet will insert it's code at the cursor location." should be
"Choosing a snippet will insert its code at the cursor location."

"Although there are some build in snippets..." should be
"Although there are some built-in snippets..."

"...rely on the codebase of Niue and therefor the Niue sources..." should be
"...rely on the codebase of Niue and therefore the Niue sources..."

And then there are a few typos left which you'll discover on a closer read.



(BTW, I like Niue's icon!)
0033 on 2008-04-21 at 15:13 (Reply)
Ooops, obviously English in not my native language, I'll run all the documentation texts through a spell-checker next time...

I am very much a a perfectionist indeed ;)
aphex on 2008-04-18 at 23:32 (Reply)
Looks awesome, thank you for your great work!
[...] state, and not a view on what it can’t do or what it will become, this is fine. For instance, I was asking peolple to test the Niue 3 developpment environment. I can’t have a computer on which I can install Haiku today and I was very pleased to find [...]

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