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Bluetooth news - December 5th, 2007

Another Haikuware bounty story.

Oliver Ruiz Dorantes published earlier a little post to update us on the advancement in the coding of the bluetooth stack for Haiku.

He posted UML diagrams about the classes and the bluetooth server <-> kit interaction as well as some communication scenarios.  He ask for comments and suggestions on this as well as on the stuff he commited recently.

Keep the good work dude :-) !

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WebKIT port progress - December 5th, 2007

As you can read on the Haiku-OS web site there are some news about the progress of the WebKIT port (an open source web browser engine used in Safari and inherited from KHTML / Konqueror).

Ryan “leavengood” Leavengood, which applied the Haikuware’s bounty  for the port, recently posted a report about the progress at this stage. The post relates the achievements but also ask for help.  Indeed this is a huge task to be handled alone and naturally Ryan starts feeling stressed instead of having fun with the coding. So, he published the source code and gave some explaination about how to work on the haiku web port so other developpers can join and help him continue the port. Two devs, Marcus Jacob and Andrea Anzani, already get on board. If this adventure thrill you up, get on board !

For what concerns the bounty, he let people decide, based on the code and progress report provided , if or how much he deserve for the advancement.

At this time the HaikuLauncher is running in an extremely basic form to test WebCore but no screenshot can be shown because of an irreductible bug still very difficult to be squashed :-)

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FOSDEM 2008 - December 5th, 2007

It has been confirmed, Haiku will attend this years’ FOSDEM. François “mmu_man” Revol is the one who has asked for the booth and received one to be shared with the project (an open source company management software for very small to medium sized enterprises).

So, what is the FOSDEM ? The acronym means Free and Open-source Software Developpers’ European Meeting. It is a yearly event which takes place in Brussels/Belgium. The 2008’s edition is scheduled on the 23-24 february’s weekend. The list of stands is available here. You’ll find there our beloved OS but also Syllabe and other prestigious names like Mozilla,Gnome, Kde, Fedora, CentOS, etc.

François will be there, Niels Reedijk and Remi (BeOSfrance) also. And, as an official “.be” guy, you should see me there also :-)

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0033 - November 29th, 2007

After browsing BeBits for the first time since long I stumbled upon a real neat looking app. hey68you created a application/file launcher very much like the dock in MacOS called BeDock. BeDock can be configured to look just like you want it, with a transparent shelf and all.


I didn’t test it myself jet but according to BeBits Talkback it works very well. There are still some minor glitches but I’m sure they’ll be fixed soon. Check out the cool screenshots here.

This is the kind of app that makes me want to blow the dust of my Be machine and boot R5 to test it. For those of you who are curious how this is done, BeDock is written in YAB and the source is open!

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BeGeistert 2008
0033 - November 29th, 2007

Thanks to ICO for the scoop, the date for BeGeistert 2008 is set. BeGeistert will be held in the weekend of January 12, in The Düsseldorf Youth Hostel, Düsseldorfer Straße 1, in (duh) Düsseldorf.

For only 25 Euro you will get two days of various presentations, workshops, lunch and generally a lot of fun with other Be enthusiasts. So whether you are a developer, user or just a fan, go there and check it out!

In other news, over at HaikuWare the bi-monthly ‘Thank You Award’ vote is open. Until December 1st you can help decide who will win the award plus the accompanying $50. This months nominees are:

Jorge G. Mare (aka koki)

Ingo Weinhold (aka bonefish)

Stephan Aßmus (aka stippi)

Greg Nichols & Sean Herber (BeBits fame)

Go here to cast your vote.

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Leszek Lesner recently wrote us an EMail about a new partitioning app for ZETA called Disk Manager (also available on BeBits). Like PartitionMagic and other similar applications, it can be used to delete, convert, and create partitions using several common filesystems. It also has the ability to non-destructively resize several common types of partitions (not BFS, though). Currently the application requires ZETA, as it makes use of library files that aren’t present on other versions of BeOS.

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A new editor has joined BeOSNews recently – please welcome, who made his first post earlier this month. Welcome aboard! We undoubtedly gain an instant credibility boost from having a poster with an EMail address on a “.be” domain.

Not only that, but our other regular editor – 0033 – has also returned and posted a couple of new items recently. Welcome back! Now I can refer to BeOSNews with plural pronouns without feeling quite as schizophrenic.

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