On the various BeOS/Haiku news sites, interviews with applicants to Haiku for the 2009 Summer of Code have started popping up over the last few days. The interviews were conducted with both the students whose proposals were and weren’t accepted – credit for the idea goes to Matt Madia and the interviews are the result of a collaboration between several of the BeOS/Haiku news sites.

So far, IsComputerOn has posted their interview with Maxime Simon, HaikuWare has posted their interview with JiSheng Zhang , and BeGroovy has posted their interviews with Smita Vijayakumar and Henri Vettenranta. Haiku Gazette has also posted an interview, in German, with Johannes Wischert.

BeOSNews was not left out – the first of our interviews will be posted tomorrow. This also gives me the opportunity to point out that the listed of accepted students for the 2009 GSoC has been announced & posted on the Haiku website.

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