Over on Haikuware there is an interview with Christof Lutteroth – one of the developers behind two Haiku-based projects that we’ve reported on recently: the user-editable GUI prototype, using the Aukland Layout Model, and the “Stack & Tile” window management prototype.

The interview with Christof (who lectures on software engineering at the University of Auckland) provides some interesting background details on those two projects, especially Stack & Tile:

The groundwork was done by our students, who successfully implemented prototypes for Stack & Tile and GUI customization. They proved that the implementation on Haiku is feasible and found solutions for all the technical intricacies that had to be dealt with. They got excellent support from the Haiku community.

It’s fantastic to hear that Haiku has progressed to the point where it’s receiving contributions from academia – and, beyond that, being used as a teaching tool for software engineering. Thanks go to Karl vom Dorff for the excellent interview.

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