Hey, remember I told you about Zebuntu one month ago ? From that time, a sadly thing happened: Bernd and the Zebuntu Team decided to go different ways. Hmm, déjà vu ?

Anyway Leszek continues the development of the “forked” project and seems to have decided to change the name of it (hence the [newnamehere] in the title). Several days ago he reported he began development of a One-Click installer (following the good old BeOS/Haiku simplicity is power motto).  Five days ago he told us that One Click Installer has reached Beta status at version number 0.5.

Click the picture to have a look at a full screen snapshot of the application

At this time four Install Packs seems to be present ( Gamer, Developer, Education and Security Pack).

Looking at the screenshot maybe [newnamehere] == zeVenOS :-) ?

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