[UPDATE] I just received a mail from Leszek to tell me the available ISO is the one for Zebuntu-mini not for the “full” Zebuntu. The ISO for the later will be released soon.

Hey folks, remember my news catchup item some days ago ? Right, the Zeta-Ubuntu mix distro beta 1 is finished and available, in its mini form, for download.

The ISO file is 108 Megs and is hosted at Megaupload here.

If you wanna try the beast under VMware, I’ve made a .vmx file ready for use (I hope :-) Just drop it next to the downloaded ISO file and double-click the VMX. It should boot (if VMware Player is installed of course). I had issues booting that image under VMware. At boot time I had to type in the boot sequence “puppy acpi=off” then later choose “Xvesa“.

Have a look at the Zubuntu development blog for more information.

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