For some time, it was getting to the point where you could visit BeBits once a week and not worry about missing any major updates. Lately though – especially in the last few weeks – it seems that neat updates and new releases are posted almost every day. So after a few days of shamefully neglecting this site, here’s a brief summary of some of the more significant recent postings to BeBits.

Version 2.3 of the QuickFox browser/Firefox variant has been posted; the new version sports many tweaks, a new theme, and integrates recent BeZilla patches.

HaikuFox, the NetPositive-esque theme for Firefox, has been updated; the new version primarily features improvements to the “BeOS-ness” of the scrollbars.

TrackerGrep, an incredibly handy utility that’s been around since Biblical times (aka, it was mentioned in the BeOS Bible), has been updated with the ability to ignore any folder names that start with a dot.

As we reported a bit earlier, im_contactlist – a “buddy list” application for the im_kit – has been released and provides a nice alternative to using queries as a contact list.

First reported by HaikuNews, new drivers for Echo Audio hardware were released shortly after the beginning of the year. I wonder if one of those puppies would be overkill for recording vinyl/audiocassette for conversion to CD…

And last but not least, a new version of the Monkey’s Audio Suite has been posted – now with “APE detractor,” a media_kit decoder so you APE-philes can play your .APE files in any BeOS audio-capable application.

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